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THE Blue Mountains

On his 2nd voyage to the New World in 1494, Blue Mountains Peak was the 1st land sighted by Christopher Columbus.

BLUE MOUNTAINS WEATHER International (Celsius)
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The Blue Mountains are the highest mountain range in Jamaica, named after the blue mist that seems to cover them when looking from a distance.


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The Blue Mountains are inhabited mostly by coffee farmers who you may even sell some of their world famous beans to you cheaply, and local indigenous people called the Maroons, who live sustainably off the land and generally keep away from modern cities.

Blue Mountains, JamaicaTo get to the Blue Mountains from Kingston, you first take a Bus or Route Taxi from Papine, then take another Route Taxi from Papine to Mavis Bank for about $300JMD.

Once in Mavis Bank, to get to the start of the trails you can either hike your way up, or hire a 4×4 for about $50USD.

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In 1993 the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park created approximately 300 square miles (780 km²) of wilderness that houses and protects thousands of tree and fern species and rare animals.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the longest continuous mountain ranges in the Caribbean, up one of the steepest general gradients in the world to the highest peak at 2256 m (7402 ft), where from on a clear morning you can see all the way to Cuba!

Take a predawn hike to Blue Mountain Peak for a for a breathtaking sunrise view, and on the way back down, explore the Holywell Recreation Area – 120 hectares of protected woodland boasting over 100 rivers, several waterfalls and green jungle wetlands.

Several trails in the Blue Mountain Range can be hiked and biked with or without tour guides. Enjoy scenic viewpoints, picnic spots and extensive bird-watching along the trails, with over 200 different bird species to see!

With green, lush flora, the mountains appear to be blue when dense flog shades the sun’s rays. Over 500 different plants, including dozens of fern species, wild strawberries and some of the world’s best coffees grow in the Blue Mountains Range.

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Cities, Towns & Districts in the Blue Mountains
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Blue Mountain Peak Port Antonio Not Available 18°02’47.5″N 76°34’45.1″W

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Many 1st Time & even Repeat Visitors to Jamaica are intimidated by our Direct, “In-Yuh’-Face” Culture so Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassadors are Here to show Visitors that Authentic Jamaican Culture can Really be Found & Safely Full-joyed (Enjoyed)…

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Rasta Nyabhingi Drum Classes at 4:20PM
Kingston City Bus Tours - Ride the "Spirit of Reggae"

Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassadors are Volunteers that Welcome Visitors to Major Destinations in every Parish like Kingston, Treasure Beach, Port Antonio, Ocho Rios, Negril, the Blue Mountains and Montego Bay.

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Rasta Routes Walk Good T.R.A.C. Centers can be described as a combination Scenic Reststop & “Safe House” for Jamaican Backpacker Tourists and as RELIEF for their Parents and Friends back at home!

Each Walk Good T.R.A.C. Center is Uniquely Hosted and Operated by well-established, respected Businesses and Community Leaders in the Rasta Routes Walk Good Tourist Support Network (TSN), located in several Jamaican Cities, Towns and Districts.

Each T.R.A.C. Center has it's own available resources and limitations, however all operate with the primary goal of helping stranded Tourists safely along their Irie way AND leaving Visitors with a Lasting Positive Memory of Jamaica & our Hospitality!

In addition, it can only help Yuh' to have a more Perfectly Enjoyable Experience here in Jamaica if you talk with and listen to Travel Advice from well-meaning locals who know what they are talking about. Rasta Routes Walk Good T.R.A.C. Centers are a Tourist Support Network of well-meaning community hosts...

Yuh' can find Rasta Routes Walk Good T.R.A.C. Centers hosted in any Clean & Available space in a variety of Jamaican establishments.

Hostels, Restaurants, Bars, Churches, Community Centers, Neighborhood Watch Offices and even in a few Private Homes of Business Leaders and Community Stakeholders that want to promote Travel Safety with Good-Samaritian Tourism Support made available at their local destination!

Many, if not most T.R.A.C. Centers are open to help Tourists with Valid Passports on an as-needed basis. This means that if Yuh' need Help or Haven and they're available, then they're open. If not, then Yuh' just have to try another T.R.A.C. Center...

Most Everyday Jamaicans that Yuh' meet on the Street are willing to Help Yuh' anyway. Walk Good TRAC Centers just make things a bit more Organized and Efficient for Yuh' - our Valued Baldheaded Guest! ;)

Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador Program
Tourist Welcome Greeters | Exclusively on Rasta Routes's

Travel is a Personal Thing all about New Experiences so No Matter what part of Jamaica Yuh' going, Cultural Ambassadors are Ready to Help Yuh' get a Real Feel for Authentic Jamaican Culture.

Yuh' Don't have to be Afraid to Leave Yuh' Comfort Zone for Unknown! Meeting a Local Cultural Ambassador is Free of Charge & at a Public Venue, plus all Visitors are welcomed without discrimination, so - Let's Meet & Greet Here in Jamaica for some Blue Mountain Coffee or a Red Stripe Beer!

Additionally, for the approximate Cost of Meals, Round-Trip local Gas/Transport (and probably an independently pre-arranged service fee), Cultural Ambassadors can Chaperone Yuh' or Yuh' Group to Urban Destinations and Events, like Authentic Dancehall Music "Street Sessions", or even Accompany Yuh' on Cross-Country Public Transportation from one Irie Jamaican Destination to another.

Taking a local Cultural Ambassador tour is a great way to see area Sights and Experience parts of a City you wouldn’t have otherwise known about. You can also learn a lot about the History and Culture of an area through a local Cultural Ambassador guide.

Finding a good, local Cultural Ambassador guide can easily make a tour one of the Prime Highlights of your entire trip.

Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassadors are usually Outgoing, Entrepreneurial & Eager to Teach Yuh' about their City and Way of Life. They know the Best Restaurants with the Tastiest Foods. They know local Do’s and Don’t’s (which can be critical in any new city). And since you’re abroad, they Help Yuh' Understand a new place if you don’t happen to speak our English language and/or local Pat'wa (Patois) dialect.

Cultural Ambassadors can show Yuh' places in Jamaica that have a Special, Historic or Personal meaning to them & also recommend Things for Yuh' to Do in Categories that visitors specifically ask for the most - Beaches, Nightlife, Restaurants, Hidden Waterfalls, etc.

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Blue Mountain Birdwatch Hike & Picnic for Couples