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Entkommen Yuh'self In Jamaica!

Entkommen Yuh’self In Jamaica!


Treasure Beach (St. Elizabeth)

Treasure Beach is a community based tourism destination on Jamaica’s South Coast, located in the dry parish of St. Elizabeth with an easy-going atmosphere and warm friendly people.

TREASURE BEACH WEATHER International (Celsius)
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This sleepy community of fishermen and farmers is like no other place in Jamaica, having a fruitful but desert-like environment and a six-mile stretch of black and coral-colored beaches called Frenchman’s Bay that is the heart of the Treasure Beach area. There are few big exclusive chain-resorts here – just small intimate communities with comfortable guesthouses, scenic ocean views and lots of fresh produce!



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YS Falls is a South Coast attraction rated by many as being the best waterfall in Jamaica, actually featuring seven waterfalls that cascade into natural pools that are ideal for swimming!

St. Elizabeth, Treasure Beach and the entire South Coast are famous for their roadside peppered shrimp vendors at Middle Quarters and you can enjoy Curried Lobster at Little Ochie!

Indulge yourself in a sampling tour of the Appleton Sugar Estate Rum Factory, the largest and oldest distillery in Jamaica, visit the cool, lush Nassau Valley and meet the people who make the world’s finest rum.

The capital town of St. Elizabeth parish is Black River, with other major points of interest in the region being the Black River Safari, Pelican Bar, Milk River Bath & Spa, and Lovers’ Leap – the highest lighthouse in the Western Hemisphere being located at the top of a spectacular vertical cliff!

For Bird Watching, the Black River Great Morass is an Important Bird Area boasting the island’s largest freshwater wetland.

Consisting of low marshland with limestone islands, the Black River Great Morass is a significant breeding ground for the vulnerable West Indian Whistling-Duck, the Near Threatened Caribbean Coot and White-crowned Pigeons.

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The South Coast’s Treasure Beach is paradise awaiting “Off the Beaten Track”, with community based tourism offering sustainable opportunities to experience Authentic Jamaica and travel responsibly by supporting local business, buying local food, taking local transportation and local tours.

The parish of St. Elizabeth with its flatlands and red-colored soil is well known for farming, and is called the “Bread Basket of Jamaica” due to its status as the island’s leading producer of many fruits, vegetables and livestock.

Home to over 150,000 residents and Jamaica’s second largest parish, St. Elizabeth is also a major producer of bauxite with two sugar factories in the parish.

The Great Morass also supports populations of 15 of Jamaica’s 36 total endemic restricted range bird species, in addition to large numbers of Pied-billed Grebes, gulls and terns are found on the Treasure Beach coast.

The Black River Great Morass is divided into a lower morass and upper morass with freshwater wetland with many tributaries and streams, shallow ponds and a dyke system. The area was once used for rice farming but currently contains a commercial fish farm (tilapia), which is a major attraction to birds.

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Cities, Towns & Districts in Saint Elizabeth Parish
Town or District City / Parish Population (Approx.) GPS Coordinates
Maggotty Treasure Beach 1,359 18.15°N 77.77°W
Brompton Treasure Beach 1,457 18.06°N 77.90°W
Nain Treasure Beach 2,373 17.97°N 77.60°W
Southfield Treasure Beach 2,671 17.88°N 77.67°W
Siloah Treasure Beach 2,701 18.17°N 77.73°W
Balaclava Treasure Beach 2,837 18.1705°N 77.6484°W
Lacovia Treasure Beach 3,159 18.07°N 77.75°W
Malvern Treasure Beach 3,262 17.97°N 77.72°W
Black River Treasure Beach 3,675 18.03°N 77.86°W
Santa Cruz Treasure Beach 8,144 18.07°N 77.72°W
Bull Savanna Treasure Beach Not Available 17.88°N 77.59°W
Hopewell Treasure Beach Not Available 17°56’46.2″N 77°46’13.2″W
White Hall Treasure Beach Not Available 18.09°N, 77.84°W
Hodges Treasure Beach Not Available 18°02’41.7″N 77°52’30.9″W
Middle Quarters Treasure Beach Not Available 18°06’10.2″N 77°50’02.9″W
New Market Treasure Beach Not Available 18°08’59.6″N 77°54’13.6″W
Accompong Treasure Beach Not Available 18°13’40.3″N 77°45’03.4″W

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Many, if not most T.R.A.C. Centers are open to help Tourists with Valid Passports on an as-needed basis. This means that if Yuh' need Help or Haven and they're available, then they're open. If not, then Yuh' just have to try another T.R.A.C. Center...

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Taking a local Cultural Ambassador tour is a great way to see area Sights and Experience parts of a City you wouldn’t have otherwise known about. You can also learn a lot about the History and Culture of an area through a local Cultural Ambassador guide.

Finding a good, local Cultural Ambassador guide can easily make a tour one of the Prime Highlights of your entire trip.

Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassadors are usually Outgoing, Entrepreneurial & Eager to Teach Yuh' about their City and Way of Life. They know the Best Restaurants with the Tastiest Foods. They know local Do’s and Don’t’s (which can be critical in any new city). And since you’re abroad, they Help Yuh' Understand a new place if you don’t happen to speak our English language and/or local Pat'wa (Patois) dialect.

Cultural Ambassadors can show Yuh' places in Jamaica that have a Special, Historic or Personal meaning to them & also recommend Things for Yuh' to Do in Categories that visitors specifically ask for the most - Beaches, Nightlife, Restaurants, Hidden Waterfalls, etc.

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